Connecting Europe and Asia

Since the origin of Silk Road in West Han Dynasty to the modern Eurasia communication corridor today, Georgia has been a fortress on the way, undertaking important transit tasks. Today, the shortest and the most convenient way from central Asia and China to Europe goes through Georgia.

Georgia is located on the crossroads of Europe and Asia, bordering with Russia at north, neighboring with Azerbaijan at southeast and with Armenia at south, bordering with Turkey at southwest, facing the Black Sea at west. It resembles a stretched out hand, which accepts and connects Europe and Asia. This is the main reason why Georgia has been a strategic fortress since ancient times.

Transportation security has completely altered the economic outlook of the country. Georgia is located in the Transcaucasian region, with direct access to the CIS, GCC and European market, covering consumer groups of more than one billion. Market share is huge. Completely independent railway system, close relationship with its neighboring countries, as well as the improvement of road, air and port transportation strengthened the transit capacity of the country.