Beautiful Country and People

With its ancient language, long history and rich culture, Georgia is the cradle of European civilization.

From the charm of the azure coast of the black sea to the unique landscape of the Great Caucasus snowy mountains, natural scenery of Georgia will unfold in front of you like a beautiful scroll, as if it was “God`s back garden”.  Natural adventure, seaside holidays, skiing and hot spring resources will become Georgia`s advantages while choosing an overseas travel destination.

Mtskheta, an ancient city, was the capital of Georgia two thousand years ago. Due to its historical significance and numerous ancient monuments, the “Historical Monuments of Mtskheta” became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. The Jvari Cathedral was built in 6th century. Looking down from the mountaintop, this stone clad monument looks majestic in its plainness. In Tbilisi, classical constructions and fashionable landmark coexist with traditional taste and modern atmosphere. Walking in this city, you will feel the mixed atmosphere between new and old cultures of Georgia.

The beauty of Georgia is not only in its attracting scenery, but also in Georgian people, who are the most valuable treasure for the country. Georgian people are warmly honest and friendly kind. Public security is very good. People here basically “have no fear to leave things behind and leave the doors unbolted at night”. Most people can speak Georgian, English and Russian languages and are very hospitable, well-mannered and educated. When meeting foreign tourists, they always respond with the warm greeting and a smile. They can also greet you in Chinese and even invite you to taste their homemade wine. Whether you are from a faraway place or just a hurried pedestrian, those smiley faces and sincere greetings will move you from the bottom of your heart.