Comprehensive Transportation

Independent railway and road transport

Total freight movement of Georgia stood at 63.4 million tons in 2015, among which ocean transportation was 19.2 million tons and road transportation was 44.2 million tons. Volume of railway transportation reached 14.1 million tons. Georgian railway lines run throughout the whole territory of the country, providing a strong onshore support for cargo transportation.

Road network coverage is quite wide. Since 2005, with the help of the international community and under implementation of governmental policies, road infrastructure quality has undergone comprehensive improvement. Construction of basic roads became an effective complement to the strength of railway transport. Furthermore, Georgia has signed cooperation agreements with Armenian and Azerbaijan Railways. Cross border railway network is linked to Russia and Western Asia, thus allowing the network of railway transportation to expand further.

Rich and advantageous port resources

Georgia is located on the black sea coast, thus enjoying abound water transportation advantage. Total ocean freight movement reached 19.2 million tons in 2015. Batumi and Poti are two major harbors of Georgia and are located on the black sea coast. Since the Georgian government has started considering transit transportation as an economy development strategy, roles and positions of these two ports in transportation system of Georgia are becoming increasingly prominent. Total cargo throughput of Batumi port is 8 million tons, and of Poti port is 7 million tons. Shipment of cargo from China to Georgia takes up to 40-45 days.

Poti port

Poti port is located in Western Georgia, on eastern black sea coast and is considered a natural harbor. Poti port is the main seaport of Georgia. At present, Poti port is navigating with dozens of countries worldwide. Currently it also is a transshipment area for import and export goods for the other countries of Transcaucasian region and Central Asian countries. With the continuous development of foreign trade in the country, Poti port is destined to play an even more important role.

Batumi port

Export transportation of Azerbaijan and PetroKazakhstan to Europe has turned Batumi port into a bridge connecting to the Euro-Asian Transport Corridor.  Oil and oil products comprise 80-90% of total cargo turnover of Batumi port. In future, Batumi port will also undertake the important responsibility of international oil transportation.

Modernized Air Transport system

There are 4 domestic and 13 foreign airline companies in Georgia, with direct flights to Istanbul, London, Munich, Odessa, Cologne, Riga, Tel Aviv, Kiev, Athens, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, Dubai, Vienna etc.

Improvement of civil aviation system and rehabilitation of Tbilisi International Airport contributed to the convenience of foreign investors travelling to Georgia for business meetings, greatly shortening their business timetable and have also provided a security for Georgia in undertaking the role of international trade center. China Southern Airlines offers two direct flights a week from Urumchi to Tbilisi.