Enterprising Government

Georgia has seven regions (equivalent to provinces). Tbilisi, the capital, is the country’s political, economic, cultural and educational center. Other major economic centers are Batumi, Kutaisi, Poti, Rustavi etc. The country consists of two autonomous republics and nine states. They are divided into 62 administrative regions, among which there are three municipalities and 59 subdivision regions.

Georgian government adopted a working style of transparent and practical policy, high speed and efficiency, reliable and upright. Government’s bold and innovative political style also contributes to the rapid development of the domestic economy. Georgia implements liberal economic reforms to improve the operating environment, actively attract the foreign investment and thus improve the living standards of citizens.

At the same time, the authorities speed up administrative efficiency, combat and punish corruption and comprehensively purify the country`s development environment. Extended view and keen judgment enables the government to focus its attention on the construction of large-scale infrastructure, speed up the construction of highways, railways, airports, hydroelectric energy plants, hotels and urban infrastructure. Under the bold innovations, the country’s capital Tbilisi has emerged as a modern international metropolis: vibrant and full of vitality, safe, economically prosperous, socially stable and harmonious.