International Evaluation

Georgia enjoys a high reputation in the international community, thanks to the smooth implementation of the country’s economic reform and to the good investment environment that it provides. Georgia`s investment environment has been repeatedly recognized by international community, it has ranked among the top positions of numerous global investment environment rankings.

As stated in the 2015 research recently released by U.S. Heritage Foundation’s “Index of Economic Freedom” report, Georgia is ranked 22nd among 178 countries. Georgia has improved all the 10 indicators listed, such as corruption, government spending, monetary freedom, investment freedom, freedom of employment and other. Meanwhile, Georgia ranked 12th among the 43 European countries.

According to the World Economic Forum’s 2014 annual report, in global trade promotion Georgia ranked 36th, ranking first among the former CIS countries. According to the International NGO “Reporters without Borders” published in 2015, in an annual worldwide press freedom index, Georgia has moved up 15 positions compared to previous year and has ranked 69th among 180 countries.

Whole world`s attention is focused on this open minded and innovative country. Brilliant achievements of Georgia`s reforms have been recognized around the world and its bright future appears especially dazzling. These are the reasons of the whole world`s lively attention.

World Ranking

2015 Index of Economic Freedom Ranked 22nd among the world`s 178 countries

Ranked 12th among the 43 European countries

World Economic Forum 2014 Annual Report Ranked 36th in Global Trade Promotion

Ranked first among the former CIS countries

Global 2015 Annual Press Freedom Index Ranked 69th among the 180 countries in the world