Trade Collaboration

Bilateral trade growth between China and Georgia

In 2015 the total volume of China import and export amounted to 24.58 trillion US dollars. China has already become the world`s biggest trading country, reflecting that Chinese are enjoying the results brought out by the most advanced productivity, and that the integration of most advanced technologies, management and cultural thought with China is increasingly stronger.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Georgia, economic and trade cooperation has gradually developed. In recent years, bilateral trade increased rapidly, product structure has been leveled up excellently and has laid solid foundation for future trade progress between two countries. According to initial data issued by National Statistics office of Georgia, value of imports and exports of Georgia amounted to 9.932 billion US dollars in 2015, out of which 2.204 billion US dollars is export; 7.728 billion US dollars is import; trade deficit is 5.524 billion dollars.

On the other side, from the point of view of trade cooperation between China and Georgia, the value of import and export between China and Georgia reached 712.7 million dollars in 2015. China is the third biggest trade partner to Georgia. The volume of export from Georgia to China amounted to 125.8 million US dollars, with 39.1% year-to-year increase; import from China to Georgia was 586.9 million US dollars. According to these data it is obvious that the import and export scale of Georgia is continuously growing and in terms of bilateral trade China and Georgia have reached the unprecedented level of cooperation.

Enterprise collaboration

Nowadays there are many Chinese enterprises in Georgia engaged in different kinds of businesses such as: free industrial zone, engineering contracting, trade, finance, telecommunication, forest resources development, building materials processing, project contracting, mineral exploitation and other. These companies include: Sichuan Electric Power Import and Export Company, Xinjiang Hualing Group Corporation, China State Grid International Development Corporation, Georgia Sinohydro, China 20th Metallurgical Construction Co., Ltd., Huawei Technologies, ZTE Corporation, Manzhouli Heyuan Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. and so on.

Chinese enterprises are mainly investing in the following major projects in Georgia: Khudoni hydropower plant, forest exploitation and timber processing, the first Tbilisi Hyatt hotel complex (Construction Contract) and many more. Chinese companies have a certain influence and competitiveness on the local market, especially in the field of communications equipment, project contracting and other. Currently Chinese companies are also active in the investment industry, investing in free industrial zones, railways, highways, real estate and other projects.