Trade & Law System

Complete trade regulation system

As a transit point of multi-lateral trade, Georgia has been hoping to attract excellent enterprises with its open door policy and regulations conducive for the foreign investment, and to inject fresh vitality into the economic and trade development of the country. Georgia has a complete trade regulation system, main related laws including “Customs Law”, “Taxation Law”, “Custom Tariffs Law”, “Law on licenses and permits”, “Law on Free Industrial Zones” etc.

In order to give full play to the department of trade, better serve the purpose of handling the registration of foreign trade operators by the enterprises, create a favorable external environment for the development of enterprises, steadily strengthen the team of exporting enterprises and expand the scale of imports and exports, the trade department is mainly undertaking the important responsibilities of the adoption and implementation of country`s economic development policies and encouraging the stable and sustainable development of the economy,  implementation of economic reforms,  privatization of state-owned assets and promoting the foreign economic relations.

Trade tax quarantine standards

Georgia follows international conventions on prohibition of imported commodities and also prohibits the importation of certain goods hazardous to the state, public health and safety. Georgia has no quota restriction for imported commodities, only few kids of commodities are subject to licensing system. In terms of export administration, Georgia executes export licensing system on timber, electricity etc. Other commodities can be exported freely with no restrictions. In terms of technical standards of the trade, Georgia recognizes the technical standards of European Commission, OECD and other major trade partners.

Georgian Customs department, Tax department and Financial Police have united into one department of “State Revenue Service” under the Ministry of Finance. “Customs Tariff Law” came into effect in 2008. Except 12% tax on agricultural products and 5% on construction materials, Georgia collects zero duty for over 90% of other imported commodities. For imported commodities VAT is the same as of goods produced within the country, currently VAT is 18%.  Exported products enjoy Zero tariff.

National service of Food Safety, Veterinary and Plant Protection, under the state control of the Ministry of Agriculture, is in charge of the inspection and quarantine of animals and plants and agricultural food, providing “one-stop” service. For imports and exports of fresh animal products, plant products and agricultural food, inspection and quarantine system is executed and customs clearance procedures are handled based on issued related certificates.