Hualing China

Hualing Group

Hualing is a private enterprise group where the major goal is commerce and trade for wholesale market (Core Business) and foreign trade, modern livestock industry development, foreign resources project development etc. Hualing Group has 4 wholesale markets, more than 30 affiliated companies and more than 3000 employees in Xinjiang of China.

The four big markets are: Urumqi Hualing Comprehensive Market, Hualing South Xinjiang Comprehensive Wholesale Market, Hualing International Jewelry and Jade City, Hualing Construction Building materials export facilities. The total area is over 220,000,000 square meters and has more than 22,000 vendors.

Among them, Hualing Group’s integrated market as the largest commodity market in China’s western region is not only an important distribution center of commodities in Xinjiang, but also a major channel to Western Asian countries for domestic products.

Hualing Development

In the process of market construction and development for the last 20 years, Hualing had set up construction companies with B qualification, decoration companies, design institutes, trade companies with the license of large import and export trade, executive company with total registered capital of RMB 578.94 million industrial asset, transport companies with nearly 100 large machinery and vehicles, logistics companies with the routes around Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps cities, Hualing market, real estate companies, property management companies which service to nearly 2,000,000 square meters property, thermal companies with 400 of steam gas boilers and two 80t fluidized bed boilers, 5-Stars Grand Hualing Hotel and other related businesses.

Hualing Charity

Hualing Group has always been actively participating in social welfare services, like a construction of “Hualing Hope Primary School” and supporting southern Xinjiang education. From 1992 on, Hualing Group donations to education, poverty and disaster relief and to support public welfare, has already exceeded RMB 300 million.

Since 2001 Hualing Group has adopted 152 orphans in the southern poverty-stricken areas, invested multi-million RMB to construct welfare school and arranged better living conditions for kids. There are over 500 orphans adopted embarked on a 10-year education poverty alleviation project.

In addition, Hualing group has invested a large amount of manpower, financial and material resources to complete poverty alleviation works in two terms. Hualing group already helped more than 6800 villagers to move out of poverty. The third term plan about poverty relief project is on the way.

Hualing Value

Due to the rapid development and outstanding performance, Hualing Group has been affirmed by the State Department, Xinjiang province and municipal governments and related organizations, and has won numerous awards, such as: “Advanced private enterprise”, “Advanced Private Enterprise of National Employment and Social Security”.

Hualing Honor

1. Advanced enterprise member China Federation of Industry
2. Promote employment and re-employment of advanced enterprises actively participated in social security Ministry of Labor and Social Security
3. Advanced private enterprises
4. Corporate taxation model
Xinjiang Autonomous Region Party Committee and Government
5. AAA credit enterprise
6. Outstanding enterprise contribution in economic development
7. Corporate tax contributions
Urumqi Municipal Committee and Municipal Government