Hualing Construction Material Export Base

As Xinjiang Work Symposium held by Central Committee of CPC, on Proposition of Promoting a Leapfrog Development and a Long Peace and Stability in Xinjiang is carried out, it provides a historic chance to the rapid construction, wide opening and rapid development. The development strategy of Urumqi is also leveled up as Controlled in Southside and Expanding in North, Extending in West and Marching in East.

Hualing Construction Material Export Base, located in southwest of Midong District of Urumqi City, near High and New Technology Zone, is the new construction center and front edge. The first stage of the market planning is 2004 mu of land and total planned construction area is 1,080,000 m2, among them 800,000 are already completed.

Because the market is near Urumuqi River Channel Express highway in west and near Midong Street in east, domestic and international logistic is smooth, stone material area, logistic area, stainless steel, plate materials, hardware market, plastic steel, aluminum material area are already completed, manufacturers have already entered and began making decoration, so North and South Hualing Comprehensive Markets have initially formed to respond to each other.