Hualing International Jewelry and Jade City

Hualing International Jewelry and Jade City is equipped with passenger elevators and cargo elevators, escalators, walking staircases, equipped with central air-conditioning. The single construction area is 76,000 m2, 10,000m2 each floor. Total dimension of the market is near 100,000 m2.

The market is divided into jade material market area, processing area and open air exhibition area for excellent jade materials.

In more than one hundred thousand square meters of jade business market, more five thousand merchants have entered. Its scale can be described as first rank in domestic. Hualing Pearl and Jade City has a widely containing capacity. These are: Hetian Jade, emerald jade, Shoushan Stone, Burma jade, Korean jade, Russian jade, Pakistan jade other world famous jades from raw materials, silicified woods, strange stones and all kinds of jade materials to national master’s jade carving masterpieces.