Hualing South Xinjiang Comprehensive Wholesale Market

Hualing South Xinjiang Comprehensive Wholesale Market is located in the crossing section of Beishan Road and 314 National Highway in north part of Kuerle City of Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture of Bayingolin, the First State in China. It occupies 1800 mu of total area, near the 314 National Highway in north and South Xinjiang Railroad branch lines in south, Kuerle Railroad Station and Kuerle Longway Bus Stop connecting with the market, consequently its geological position is very advantageous and traffic is very convenient.

The major businesses of the market covers construction and decoration materials, chemical raw materials, timber, stone material, ceramic sanitary ware, wall paper, floor, lighting, furniture, family electric equipment, steel, vehicle spare parts and repair, boiler equipment, large machineries, farming products, machinery products, everyday use goods, clothes, shoes, caps, textile products, carpet, artwork, small item wholesale, melon and fruit wholesale, cigarette and wine wholesale, non-staple foodstuff, local grocery, flower-birds-fish market etc. The construction area of main building of Hualing Trade City is 120,000 m2 in all frame structure. Driveway can reach all floors and it is a landmark commercial building.

In the market, there are Industry and Commerce Brach, offices of tax, price, quality inspection, bank, telecommunication, cargo handling, police, fire fighting and information and bus stops, parking area and specialized railway lines. All that created a very good business and shopping environment for merchants and consumers.

Since trial operation from May 2000, more than 3000 manufacturers and merchants have entered the market with a good operation conditions. Now it has already become an important material collecting and distributing place covering five states and regions and 42 counties and cities in South Xinjiang area and even radiating to neighboring countries.

As the country’s economic center has been moved westward and West Development Strategy has been carried out successfully, as a transport hub and important petroleum base, Kuerle City is becoming the second largest city in Xinjiang. Its rich product resources, advantageous geological position and potential market requirement has being become a competition place by many manufacturers and merchants.