Urumqi Hualing Comprehensive Market

The market is located in Shuimogou District of Urumqi City in the area of 1500 mu, in which more than a million square meters have been in use. Its major business are wholesale and retails of construction and decoration materials, furniture, family electric equipment, second and third grade of machinery, electric equipment and everyday life goods. In the market, there are 12 class and more 50 professional markets.

Three major business buildings in south part of the market: 320,000 m2 of Hualing International Commercial and Trade Square, 210,000 m2 of Hualing Trade City and 300,000 m2 of Hualing Ceramic Sanitaryware City. It is one of the magnificent landmark buildings in Urumqi City.

In this market, there are industrial and commercial, tax, quality inspection, second class of export port, bank, post office, communication, information net, cargo carrying, safety guard, fire control to serve for merchants and business. Convenient bus lines from or passing the market is very convenient to every part of the city. More than ten thousand famous manufacturers from all over the countries directly sell their products in the markets. Passenger flow is more than 100,000 people and vehicle flow is more than 20,000 each day.

Hualing Comprehensive Market was confirmed as an important wholesale market in China by National Economic and Trade Committee, National Domestic Trade Bureau in 1999; the first batch of important liaison market in China by Ministry of Commerce in March 2006.

The market is the largest commodity market in West of China even in the Central and Western Asian regions. It is not only an important commodity collecting and distributing center, but also an important export passage to Central and Western Asia.