Hualing Hotel Kutaisi

Hualing Hotel, located in Kutaisi City, Georgia, is an international hotel with distinct ethnic characteristics. City of Kutaisi is located in Western Georgia, on both banks of River Rioni and is the second largest industrial city in Georgia, a city with rich historical importance. Historical sources first mention Kutaisi in 3rd century BC. It once was the capital of the ancient kingdom of Colchis.

The hotel is located in a recreational zone, so that the surrounding area is saturated with the fresh and healthy air. Hot springs and karst caves located around the city are the places to visit to relax and spend some quality time. Besides all this, the transportation is also very convenient, with the easy access to the airport (12 km), the parliament house (2 km) and the city center (5 km).

Hualing hotel offers wide range of room types to satisfy the purpose of business, leisure and high level official reception visiting. The catering and leisure services are available and equipped with complete and efficient advanced facilities. Except for the variety of Georgian cuisine that the restaurant provides, you can also taste different delicacies presented by the chef specifically invited to Georgia from the Xinjiang region of China. The hotel also provides a high quality business dining environment, which can accommodate 200 guests at the same time.