Hualing Tbilisi Sea New City

“Hualing Tbilisi Sea New City” is located in Tbilisi, near Tbilisi Sea and is the largest project of Hualing Group in Georgia. The project area occupies 420 hectares of land. The estimated completion time is ten years; the total investment in the first three years was around 150 million dollars.

The project is focused on the economic and urban development of the district. The final project will consist of residential space (2 million sq. m. constructing area ) and commercial space (2 million sq. m. constructing area ) .The residential space offers apartment and villa complexes, recreational zones etc. The commercial space includes International trade and logistics center. There are 5 star hotel, fitness center, restaurant and other facilities, such as: high school, college, library, Exhibition Hall, cinema, police station, firefighting, administration, toilets, post office, hospital, clinics, gymnasium, natatorium, etc in “Hualing.Tbilisi Sea New City”.

The Thirteen European Olympic festival “Tbilisi 2015” village was located in Tbilisi Sea New City.

Construction of the second stage in Hualing. Tbilisi Sea New City

Apartments form – 50 m2

Most wanted apartments with optimal project

Premium class white frame apartments

Construction works have been completed in March 2017

36 m2 – studio-style apartment

50 m2 – 2-room apartment

68 m2 – 3-room apartment

Create your own interior in Tbilisi Sea New City

White frame apartments in the completed buildings

From 82 to 160 m2

Save on Time, Money and Energy – Move In Today!

We offer completely renovated apartments:

  • 68 m2 – 3-bedroom apartment with 1 bathroom;
  • 78 m2 – 3-bedroom apartment with 2 bathrooms;
  • 117-150 m2 – duplex 5-bedroom apartment with 2 bathrooms.



Simplified payment terms –

    – Interest-free 24-month internal credit
    – Tailor-made payment solutions
    – Mortgage loans with confirmed income for 15 years


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