Hualing Tbilisi Sea Plaza

Hualing Tbilisi Sea Plaza is one of the largest investment projects of Hualing Group in Georgia. The international trading center is located in the eastern suburb of Tbilisi City, capital of Georgia, near Tbilisi Sea, in the environmentally cleanest area. It has an advantage of convenient traffic conditions, with the direct access to Tbilisi International Airport and Railway Station. “Tbilisi Sea Plaza” is located close to the city center, which turns it into a very convenient location for foreign merchants’ commercial and trade business.

Total construction area of “Tbilisi Sea Plaza” is 160,000 m2. 

Hualing Tbilisi Sea Plaza aims to become the largest wholesale and retail center in Georgia and whole Caucasus region and in future will undertake an important role of wholesale, retail and distribution center of Euro-Asian region. Hualing Tbilisi Sea Plaza offers wide variety of goods, including garments, footwear, bags and suitcases, furniture, construction and decorating materials, lighting, children’s items and toys, sanitary products, tableware, etc. 

There is a 3000 m2 event venue functioning in Tbilisi Sea Plaza with the fully equipped 450 m2 stage, which is the ideal place for concerts, conferences, corporate events, weddings, etc.

Hualing Tbilisi Sea Plaza officially opened its doors in September 30th, 2017.