Hualing wood development

Hualing Group significantly contributes to development of Georgian wood industry. Georgia has rich forest resources, forest covers 40% of country`s territory. In 2008 company obtained wood processing license for 20 years with the right to annually process 88 000 cubic meters of wood. At present, annual harvesting volume is 30 000 cubic meters which is much less than the allowable volume. Thus, prospects and potential of further development are promising. As the biggest investor in Georgian wood industry, Hualing Group enjoys preferential policies and has quite strong capabilities. Our Company utilizes coordinated one-stop service wood recycling System, including wood cutting, processing, furniture manufacturing and exporting free of tax from the free industrial zone of Kutaisi. Kutaisi furniture factory occupies an area of 20,000 sq. m.; the furniture exhibition hall is 2500 sq.m. Timber is exported from Poti port which is located near the free industrial zone. 95% of timber is exported to Central Asia, Egypt, Iran, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates and the remaining 5% is sold on domestic market. Furthermore, the end product of timber is exported to Turkey, Armenia, China and Dubai.