Hualing Villas and Townhouses

Hualing Villa and Townhouse project is constructed near Tbilisi Sea, next to Hualing Park, in the recreational zone. 

It is the safe and closed-type residential complex, comprising 42 villas and 11 townhouses. Living area of the villas and townhouses will be approximately 220-320 m2. Each building will have its individual backyard with the area of 200-800 m2. Buildings will be separated from each other with the individual wall. Each building will be equipped with the 2-space garage with the independent entrance. 

We offer 4 types of projects to our customers, which can be submitted either in white framework state, or with the complete refurbishment. 

Other benefits we offer to our customers also include:

Outdoor greenery

Technical service

24-hour security

Cleaning service

Project construction has already started and will finish around 2020.