Building materials hypermarket Mihouse

Mihouse is located on 12,000 square meters, where you will find up to 60,000 different types of building and repair materials from countries such as USA, Germany, Italy, Estonia, China, Iran, Netherlands, etc.Mihouse products are presented in the following categories: building materials, electricity, plumbing and accessories, paving materials, flooring and tiles, wallpaper, electrical and hand tools, varnishes, lighting, decoration, household items and much more.Mihaus offers customers a comfortable environment and an original concept, a wide range of products, recognizable and leading global brands in the showroom, reasonable product prices, convenient after-sales services. In addition, it became possible to make purchases on the Internet, which makes it possible to select and purchase goods without leaving home.Work on a new concept for the hypermarket has been going on for several months. Foreign specialists from different countries took part in the improvement process to make high standards project. The company currently has over 150 employees.